Buon Padre Restaurant: Langhe's menu and wines


The food is strictly local to Langhe. Simplicity, tradition and seasonality are the key words.

Maria and her personable nature, coupled with years of experience, are fundamental for the restaurant.
Her wide range of knowledge and famous tajarin dish, are today considered a “cliquet” for the Buon Padre.

From the seasonal starters, to the fresh pastas and selected meats, everything is made daily and allows you full immersion in this regional cuisine.
On any given day, you will be treated to a warm, friendly and personal service by the family, greeted by father Giovanni, fed by Maria and guided through the wine list and daily menu by the enthusiastic and knowledgeable waiting team.

The wine list, exclusive to Viberti Giovanni, will give you the chance to choose from a wide range of options; from the young Dolba, to the selection of the Bricco Airoli Barbera and of course The Barolo, Viberti’s flagship wine. Our guests can discover the Buon Padre cuvée and single vineyard riservas, from our latest vintages to our older bottles, filled with the characteristics of yesteryears.

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Ristorante Buon Padre

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