History of Buon Padre Restaurant at Barolo


Antonio Giuseppe Viberti, Knight of the Order of Vittorio Veneto, purchased the “Buon Padre” Inn which, in 1923 also served as the village bar and tobacconist.

The name (which translates as, “Good Father!”) brings to mind the hospitality that was enjoyed throughout these cosy ‘Osterias’, meeting places for both young and old.
A place where locals and travellers would stop off for a chat and a bite to eat and drink, where vine growers and dealers carried out their business, where artists like Tarditi from Novello used to love spending entire afternoons clutching a glass of wine, practising the art of good living.

Today al “Buon Padre” continues to encapsulate the welcoming spirit and goodwill that have distinguished it for nearly a century. This is a restaurant with just a few covers and a modest, homely atmosphere, which has always been dedicated to providing quality.

Now, almost 100 years later, Giovanni Viberti is assisted by his son Claudio, the third generation to be involved in the family business, along with Giovanni’s wife Maria, the real driving spirit behind the restaurant. Maria, who for 40 years now has been preparing dishes of the finest local culinary tradition. These seasonal menus are born out of Maria’s desire to use the freshest ingredients that are available throughout year.

Without doubt, the Osterias unmistakable speciality and signature dish is the tajarin:
homemade tagliatelle pasta, handcut with a knife, so the thickness is never the same..

As in the old days, the family's Viberti Giovanni estate wines make up an exclusive wine list with a wide selection of vintages ranging from the 60s and 70s through to the most recent; an exciting opportunity for connoisseurs to experience the history of this winery in a glass.

Today, Buon Padre has become a point of reference in the Barolo area, a place where the past lives on in symbiosis with a constant desire for growth and new goals.

Ristorante Buon Padre

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